Pisa , April 2006 for the fourth edition of LINK DANZA FESTIVAL , WORKSHOPS AND PERFORMANCES

April 4th-12th
Atsushi Takenouchi JINEN Butoh workshop project

50 hours of work with Butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi, for dancers, actors, those with mental health issues,
and performers. Live music with sound scores by Hiroko Komiya and Francois Sardi.

Atsushi Takenouchi will lead a study project that will be finalized with a Butoh dance performance.
The workshop days will be structured in two parts: the first part will be a laboratory, focusing on specific movement
practices geared towards the participants from mental health organizations, but continuously involving all workshop
* The second part will consist of an intense physical practice for dancers, actors, and artists of every field.
** The final phase of the workshop will involve three days of rehearsal and two evenings of performances, in which all participants will dance, together with Atsushi Takenouchi.

photos showing the works of the teachers are available on www.gabter.com

*All workshop participants will be involved in the laboratory focusing on the participants from the mental
health organizations.
gYou dance the sound of another, who then dances your sound. We communicate through vocal improvisation, the expression of sound and of body, in order to obtain a deeper level of understanding.
With this process, all of us will learn that eAll is one and one is all.f We will strive to comprehend together that dance is the joy of life.h

** Atsushi will focus the second part of the day on work with actors and dancers (students and professionals)
that will be more intense both artistically and physically: balance, expansion and extension of the body, walking
in restrictive situations, becoming and dancing onefs surroundings, the process of metamorphosis, dancing
the fragment of a dream, dancing through our deepest emotions

April 11th and 12th: performance evenings at the Teatro Politeama di Cascina.

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