MAY 2006 in Belgium

buto paint
Butopainting or Paintingbuto. Try to danse and paint toegether.
Without space into these differents disciplines. Go inside to communicate
your own spirit. Go and walk on the color , on a rythm, in the space and
try to translate your deep inside with the same vocabulary. No separate
the arts but mix both different kind of thinking and arrive to sing an artistic
song really strong like the simple life. by Art. Lab Gallery

photo by Josua.W

Atsushi Takenouchi
Atsushi Takenouchi joined Butoh dance company"Hoppo-Butoh-ha" in 1980 and played the last
performance with this company directed by Tatsumi Hijikata in 1984. He studied with Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno.
In 1986, he begin to practice his own Butoh: JINEN Butoh. He created and played solos like "Tagankoro", "Ginkan",
"Itteki" about universal theme : nature, earth, old times and his own perceptions of the world and from some
moments of his life.He traveled all around the world to dance, perform, and give Butoh worshops.
Since autumn 2002, Atsushi Takenouchi has been living the most of the time in Europe and work in
collaboration with the japanese government in cultural projects. He takes part of differents Butoh-dance
projects in Europe with dancers and actors from Italy, France, Poland and some other countries.
In july 2005, he has organised a Butoh procession in the street, during the Avignon's festival and presented
his last solo perfomance"STONE" in the Golvine's theather.
He works in a sensible and deep collaboration with Hiroko Komiya, musician and singer.

For more info about Atsushi.T, please go to his website,

6 DAYS Residency Butoh Workshop
May 25- May 30, 2006

Atsushi Takenouchi's perfomance : solo improvisation 27 may at 20pm
Solo and group performances: 30 May 17pm 1st session: solo with colored body
2nd session: group performance colours mixed
The performances are joined by the music, percussion and voice of Hiroko Komiya

Butoh Workshop

The work of this week consist to drive each participant to search in his own structure, the expression of
the reactions of his body in different situations. After, the exploration of different feelings, be sad, angry, happy ...
and transform your emotions, change your mind, try to translate it into movements, ondulations, fall, ramping...
Be an animal, feel that or become an animal, an amiba, a tiger, an insect and follow your transformations's body
with a very simple mind, take all like the real life.. And walking in the animal, vegetal, mineral world, feel
your transformated body, like falling water and very sweet air, body full of tentacules,or with the muscles of the tiger.
Feel these deep movements inside.

During this worshop, we'll work with colors, plans, lignes and forms. Darkness and light, deepness and surfaces,
the rythmes, colorations,the cold and all the different variety of the perceptions and emotions traduced and provocated
by colors. Music , dance and painting have some similar vocabulary , try to express it with all the mind and all the body.
Take a very simple way to feel inside you the words of the arts.

If the waether is good , we'll can work also outside or perhaps in some caves.

This workshop is reservated to actors, dancers, and performers.
Please don't hesitate to contact if you wonder for this requirement.
Number of participant: 15 persons

Art.Lab Gallery : 35 rue d'Austerlitz 5580 Belgium
/ beds and food are okay on this place. Take only a sleeping bag and your usual material.
For preparation, We surely use the colors on the skin, so if you need something specific .Take it.

Plan:1- If you take the TGV from Paris or Berlin, you arrive in Brussel-South, Bruxelles-midi.
Take a train to Luxembourg and stop in the station Jemelle. We'll take you there.
2- If you take the plane , you'll arrive in Brussel National airport .with Ryanair , you'll arrive in
Brussel-South(Charleroi), in that two case, take a train to Luxembourg and stop to the station of Jemelle.
We'll take you there. If you want to know more informations: cost of the train, or travel to Jemelle,
send me an email and I 'll explain to you more better.Cost, ours, changing lines etc..


Tel/Fax : +32.(0)

Art. Lab Gallery
35 rue d'Austerlitz 5580 Belgium

We strongly recommend early booking since the number is limited.
Thank you very much.