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10-17 September 2006

Intensive butoh workshop in nature
At the Campsite Apollo Giannitsohori, Hlia-Neda, South-West Peloponnese
with Atsushi Takenouchi

"Jinen Butoh is to join together with all the life that are already dancing, to dance with the flow of the universe
that is Jinen. We remove the wall of consciousness that perceives dance as the individual " I " dancing.
We are dancing with, and are danced by , the Jinen, accepting all the environment and conditions around
us as Jinen." 

JINEN Butoh  Atsushi

Neda's River  (photo by Nelli Poulopoulou)

Meeting the nature of southwest Peloponnesus we shall explore the connection between
the body and nature and shall discover how body movement rises and transforms into dance. 

Within these 7 days we shall work with elements such as: body's gravity in relation to movement and balance,
the transmission from internal to external state, invisible and visible, conscious and unconscious movement,
a dialogue between the body and the environment using improvisation along with Butoh's basic techniques.

The workshop takes place in nature at an appropriately arranged space.
The last day a presentation and improvisation will be made in nature at a specific place of Neda river.

Live music by Hiroko Komiya will accompany the workshop

The seminar addresses to dancers, actors, performers and to people who love body and movement.

Atsushi Takenouchi Profile
   Atsushi Takenouchi joined Butoh dance company "Hoppo-Butoh-ha" in Hokkaido in 1980. His last performance with the company "Takazashiki"(1984) was worked on by Butoh-founder Tatsumi Hijikata. He has been working on his own Jinen Butoh since 1986 and created solos "Tanagokoro", "Ginkan", "Itteki" as a universal _expression of nature, earth, and ancient times and his impressions of the moment, formulated from the people around him, and the environment. He toured Japan between 1996 and 1999. He also studied a spirit of the universe under Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. In 1999 he toured Jinen Butoh "Sun & Moon" and led Butoh workshops in Europe and Asia for six months. Since autumn 2002 he has been mainly based in Europe for one year arts fellowship funded by a Japanese government. And he has been working on Butoh dance collaboration project with dancers and actors in France, Poland and other countries. 2005 July, he will present his solo performance "Stone" in Avignon festival (France), and choreograph a Butoh procession with dancers through Avignon city in the festival. 

" Dance is devotion of life"
I learned this while my travelling nature fields called JINEN. This has never changed since old times and will never change. This
means I should dance to "my life", to the moment, and to now which lasts forever. 
 I've got my body from the earth. I've got my life from the sun and the moon, my parents, my friends and my love. Then I'll return the
gifts to these universe. I'll return them to others through dancing body and soul. As I see a tiny flower selflessly, I meet a dance filled with a joy of " life".  And then, my body is filled up with water of " life". The seeds of memory inside of myself come into bud.
 The sound of winds is the whispering of the earth. The sound of minerals is the muttering of machines. We hear the sounds of the
universe through explosion and noise and stillness.
   Oh, thousands of sounds, take our souls far away to our unknown world. Travel with reminding us of forgotten dances. On the sun
and the moon, there are young men singing eternal songs at every place in the world. Let's begin an ancient and modern fete at
" relics of life" holding artificial and nature−on earth.  JINEN Butoh    Atsushi Takenouchi

photo by Kostas Agrogiannis  

Giannitsohori, Hlia, Peloponnese: 26250 - 61200, 61575, Fax: 61200
How to arrive:
By car :Taking the national road of Athens-Kalamata 35 kilometers after Megalopoli you should turn  right towards Kyparissia. 
When you shall arrive at Kalo Nero turn right towards Pyrgos and after 11 kilometers you will be at Giannitsohori where the camping is located.

By bus : approx 2.5 hours from Athens, and train also available
Space morphology: Flat ground, roads covered with pebbles. Tents' spaces: with ground, grass and sand.
Olive trees and pine trees shade the area.  Big pine trees are also along the beach..
Other elements:
The buildings maintain a traditional character.
Beach: Sandy with sand hills, 200 mtrs width and 30 kilometers long.

Check this site for a detailed map:  


Emilia Bouriti, tel. +30 6938707706,
Marina Sigala, tel. +30 6973894249

mail to :  syn_ergasia@yahoo.gr

Workshop Organized by "Syn+Ergasia"
Emilia Bouriti , Natassa Poulopoulou and Marina Sigala