Jinen Butoh Workshop (4 days) with Atsushi Takenouchi

October 18th-20th from 11-5pm and 21st from 1-7pm

At Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, E3 (Bethnal Green or Mile End tube)

Bookings: +44(0)20 8981 6617

Takenouchi travels and teaches internationally, accompanied with his musical collaborator Hiroko. His work searches for JINEN - and through classic and improvised Butoh training techniques his work opens up the capacity for both solo and group based process. His workshops always manage to embody his belief in community spirit and the sense of well-being created through connecting to dance and to each other. A hugely talented dancer and teacher, his desire is not for participants to copy his style but for each person to find their own way of moving.  JINEN Butoh is a dance of life and death, light and darkness, yin and yang, and to expose your spirit and body that contains these both nature. It is important to meet your inner movement perceiving chaos, beauty and ugliness, various emotion which is found in the process.
To be danced by outer environment. To transform by being life itself and sprit itself. To find Butoh in daily life. To seek the origin of dance, which human has created dance through prayer, requiem, and sacrifice. To seek how and what kind of inner movement will come out in these situation, and make them into Butoh. Dance an interactive dialogue without language in deep level between human and human, life and life.

Triple bull of butoh improvisation october 22nd 7pm

Atsushi Takenouchi and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie present a triple bill of two solos plus a duet with live musical accompagniement by Nick Parkin and Hiroko Komiya
on October 22nd  7pm
At Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, E3 (Bethnal Green or Mile End tube)
Bookings: (advance reservations only) +44(0)20 8674 1518

We are born and we are going to die.
Even this moment, we are walking to the future which is in front of us.
And there is death standing still in the last point.
Yet we walk.
Keeping on looking death, we dance all life and all death with our all energy deeply.
Embracing these beauty and ugliness, ridicule, emotions ( joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure ),
silence, derangement, chaos, tranquility, which appears on the way, we continue dancing.