2007 January

Atsushi Takenouchi JINEN Butoh Workshop for performance creation in PARIS

Date : 8-22 except Sunday & 23,24 January 2007 /  total 15days   * Performance will be on 23rd &24th.

Maximum number : 20  


Requisites for participants: Previous experience in Butoh workshop required. As a general rule, the participants must be able to attend the whole period of 15 days.

* From the first day, we will approach the subject with a view to the final creation performances.

* Performance on January 23(Tue),24(Wed): Rehearsal starts 12:00. Performance starts 20:30pm, ends 22pm

*The participants will improvise an outdoors Yin Yang Butoh Procession in front of Centre Georges Pompidou and also make a Butoh body exhibition in the ECBP entrance hall on the performance day.

g To elaborate a collective work focused on the understanding of the transmigration of  Human Souls throughout 10,000 years and their liberation.h

The aim of this workshop is to give concrete expression to the theme "Life and Death, Mandala of Transmigration" so as to encounter butoh acting directly on stage. During the 15 days of the workshop, the participants will learn to elaborate their own inner movements in a concrete manner, to express them while inhabiting the space of the stage, and to create connections with the music and lighting. Being in charge of the whole creative process will require great  emotional intensity : While dancing, participants will have no time for soul-searching;  it is for this reason that the workshop is intended primarily for experienced people who are able to channel the necessary responses within the limited performance time.  The training, as suggested by the given theme, consists in picturing their countless past and future lives. To put it paradoxically, one may say they will have to transform themselves into all kinds of people and lives and dance them from birth to death. But while doing so, whatever the people and lives may be, the dancers will have to reveal their own true selves. The daily schedule includes 2h30 of basic butoh dance practice followed by 5 hours of working on the program. All the different dance movements and concrete images of transformations will be delved into as deeply as time permits ; they will shape the final public performance.

Photo from gButoh Byouh2006 by Laci Zajac

*We will divide the participants into 2 groups for the performance. For example, first day will be performed by WIND group, and Butoh procession & group improvisation & Butoh exhibition by EARTH group. The second day in opposite turn.

 Please bring two different costumes / disguises for performance and procession.

1 / For the performance on the stage, please prepare black colour costume ( any black/blackish ) since this performance has image of requiem. Any style is acceptable. Western and eastern, classics and moderns, extremes of various types. Any transforming or processing.

2 / For the Butoh procession, group improvisation and Butoh body exhibition, You can bring any costume/disguise (any colour, colorful ok) that suit the soul you are trying to express. As in Yin Yang, Please do not hesitate to bring any kind. Dresses, flashy disguises and bizarre outfits are acceptable. Please prepare the shoes which fits on your costume and strong enough as we dance openair.

**We have 7-8 Japanese Kimonos and white body paint available.

We have some information for accommodations. Please contact below for details. Please make a reservation by yourself.


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