"JINEN - Pros Eafton"   /Athens  Greece            Oct 2005

Collaboration  performance with "Syn+Ergasia" (Greece);

 dance, theatre and vidual installation. 


gJinen – Pros Eaftonh

 2005 Spetember 16th, in the center of art park Eleftherias, it took place the first performance of dance, theatre and visual installation. gJinen – Pros Eaftonh this work is inspired from Homeric in to goddess of earth Dimitra, which combine the Japanese Butoh technique with elements from ancient tragedy and with elements from contemporary technique of dance and theatre.

Director/Choreographer: Atsushi Takenouchi and the group gSyn+Ergasiah (Emilia Bouriti, Anna Lazou and Nelli Poulopoulou)

Visual installation: Emilia Bouriti

Dancers: Atsushi Takenouchi and the group gSyn+Ergasiah

Live music: Hiroko Komiya, Dimitris Virtsionis

The performance was a result from nine days workshop by the Japanese Butoh dancer Atsushi Takenouchi and the group gSyn+Ergasiah. The seminar and performance were under the municipality of Athens, and this work took part in the project (2005 Europe-Japan year of people to people exchanges) by educational section of the Japanese Embassy in Athens.