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Hiroko Komiya
(percussion, object sounds , voice)

                                                                                                               ph by Cordula

for New album release

BEYOND THE BORDERS - World Music Meditation
Hiroko Komiya and Luigi Mattiello 
Saturday 18 June 2022 at 19h

guest dancer ; Atsushi TAKENOUCHI
in the forest Vicopisano, PI, Italy

detaile info > https://fb.me/e/2vD73d1ia
Hiroko blog link > https://sonore.exblog.jp/31762976/
Per info e prenotazioni: Luigi: 3396542543
Al momento della prenotazione verranno fornite tutte le indicazioni su come raggiungere l'evento.

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LIVE tour in France May
Lena Circus and Hiroko Komiya

Mercredi 22 mai 2013 / Paris
Le Non_Jazz#2205::
@L'Espace en cours, 56 rue de la Réunion, Paris 20e (métro Avron)

Jeudi 23 mai / Chalon-sur-Saône
L'Arrosoir, 11 impasse de l'ancienne prison, 71100 Chalon-sur-Saône

Vendredi 24 mai / Besançon
Atelier de l'Etoile, 15 rue de Dole, 25000 Besançon

Samedi 25 mai / Reims
Partycul System
+ Jason Van Gulick + DJ Bricabracarama
L'Ecluse, 4 rue de la Cerisaie 51100 Reims

Dimanche 26 mai / Lille
Centre Culturel Libertaire
+ Enjoy Static
le CCL, 4 rue de Colmar 59000 Lille

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by  François Hubert, Foxy Digitalis, 13 October, 2009

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CD review

 "Toki No Arika"

"Like all great artforms, this music transcends its own medium by going right through the most expressive
human gestures: music, dance, painting, poetry... By focusing on the subtle interplay that exists
between the musicians, it also opens up a creative space that belongs to us all.
Not only is this CD the most beautiful album I’ve heard this year, it really stands as some of the best music
I have ever heard. Truly essential. 10/10 -- François Hubert, Foxy Digitalis, 12 November, 2008"

* * * * *



by Luigi Mattiello, Hiroko Komiya
( CD, Italy 2022)

recorded,mixed, mastered at Elfland Studio
total 9 tracks

Luigi; saz cumbus, udu drum,swarmandal,crystal bowls, metallophone,santur,sansula,dizi-bamboo flute,duduk,shamanic drum,yaybahar, fujara, voice

Hiroko ; zither, bells,shruti box,object sounds,noise, kigonki,percussion, keyboard, piano, voice

Digital release
"Oto no Yukue" 音の行方
by Chris H. Lynn and Hiroko Komiya

(total 5 tracks, digital release, 2022)

Collaboration with filmmaker/sound artist Chris H. Lynn.

Chris H.Lynn ; Piano/Field Recordings/objects
Hiroko Komiya ; Zither/Lap harp/Keyboard/Breath/Objects sounds/Field Recordings
photo credit Framing sounds

Digital Album available & Listen >>> Click

 "Pendulum Sea" 
by hiroko komiya and atsushi takenouchi

( CD, Label SBENG! Dischi, Italy 2017)

Produced, engineered, mixed, mastering by Nicola Barghi
at Elfland Studio , Ponsacco(PI), Italy

Album available & Listen >>> iTunes


Hiroko Komiya 1st solo Album 
" eau nouvelle " 
(2009, sometimestudio, France)
CD review>>>  The WIRE 2010 September 

hiroko komiya : stone, shells, water, metal bowls, toys, percussion and voice
01  stone self 
02  in the distance 
03  drops 
04  inside flux  05  whispering  06  in the mother's womb
07  Comment çava?   08  entre chien et loup 09  a knot  
10   in the middle of nowhere   11 now here


Nicolas Moulin : guitar
Antoine Letellier : guitar, reeds
Guillaume Arbonville : percussions
Hiroko Komiya : voice, percussions, object sounds

Recorded in Paris at Atelier Higué, 2011
Mixed and produced by Lena Circus
Master at Lula Studio by Kevin Espich

Album available & Listen >>>Click

" Toki No Arika " (2008, MIMIMI records, France),
CD review>>> foxy digitalis 2008, Mille Feuille 2009

LENA CIRCUS ; Guillaume Arbonville (drums), Antoine Letellier (guitar, yukulele, flute), Nicolas Moulin ( guitar ).
                     & Hiroko KOMIYA  ( voice, percussions and object sounds )

Ramuntcho Matta with Mama Milk and Hiroko Komiya  
" MA TTA "  ( 2007, sometimestudio, France )
CD review>>> review  Englishreview JP
Collection: aLIve in kyoto_vol.3
Courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

Guitar and electronics:Ramuntcho Matta
Accordeon: Yuko Ikoma (mama!milk)
Contrabass: Ko-Suke Shimizu (mama!milk)
Things: Hiroko Komiya
Mix and mastering : Frederic Dutertre

Recordings : Romain de Gueltzl

Édition 2010 : Alice Truche

Eko Sato : Eko Sato
Drawings : Ramuntcho Matta «genialogie 2006»

Album available & Listen >>>Click  


                                                                ph by Georges Karam

Hiroko Komiya expresses the image which comes from the air, space, movements, own inner body, own deep memory and transforms it into the sound without bound melody or rhythm. She plays objects sounds and uses voice. For the sounds, she plays natural material; such as water, stone, bamboo, sea shells, and percussion; metal bowls, bells and object. Her musical concept is to remind us that there is hidden beautiful sound and wonderful music inside the nature material or objects themselves, and bring out these sounds from them. Her musical approach is filled with deep respects for the nature elements and various objects, and it enables her to play her own original music. Her sounds are said as if it’s blowing a new life into the objects around us, and her expression evokes new sensation to the breath or movement of listeners. As for the voice, her voice arises from inner body, and at the same time brings back our lost memories.


She has started working in Butoh dance Unit Globe JINEN Atsushi Takenouch as musician since 1999, by joining his six months JINEN Butoh Europe tour. Since then, all his works and live performances are played and created by her live music. Being based in Europe since 2002, she has been playing performance and making concert in France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Holland, etc. and also touring to U.S.A, Canada, Chile, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, etc. mostly with JINEN Butoh project. As well as performance, she makes live music also for Butoh dance workshop for dancers, actors, the disabled, and children in Japan, Europe, and other countries.

Apart from Butoh project, she also collaborates with film artists, sculptor, painter, poet, costume designer, various artists and performers for exhibition, installation, concert, performance.


Works: Music for Butoh performance choreographed by Atsushi Takenouchi

1999; Stone, / Paris, Prague, Poland, 
2000; Tanagokoro /Paris ( with Cola by Hikitama, percussion by Mela )
2001; Itteki / Paris, Poland,          
2002; Tenmon / Paris, Poland (with electro acoustic by Mela) ,
2003; Gekkai / Paris, Poland ,  Koe / Paris, NY ( with voice by Jean C.Dussin)
2003; Fleur de Boue /Paris (Butoh & African dance, with percussion Ladji Diawara, voice by Jean C.Dussin ) 
2004; Emotion Seed / Paris ( with guitar and voice by Jean C.Dussin ),  Gen/ Paris, NY
2005; Ki Za Mu / London (with electro acoustic composer Nick Parkin,etc ), Poznan (with Cello Andrzej Trzeciak)
2005; Injured Bird/Italy ( with guitar by Matteo de Bellis, saxophone by Nicola Ricci)
2005; Butoh Byou/Italy (with electro acoustic by Francois Sardi , guitar and flute by Matteo de Bellis)
2005; 2006 ; Yin Yang Butoh Procession / Avignon festival, Venice 
2006; KI NO ME –Tree’s Eye- / Poland,  EMBRACE / Poland
2007; 8SEASONS / France (multimedia interactive art performance of company Mobilis-Immobilis, with electronic
composer Ramuntcho Matta)
2007; Fleur de midorigo /Paris ( for homage for 100years old anniversary of master Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno )
2008; Il Corpo Dentro / Venice ( in collaboration with costume designer, Sonia Biacchi )
2009; SOU MA TOH /France ( group performance, with guitar by Nicolas Moulin )
2009; U-PIPE / Italy ( group performance, with electro music by Paolo Franco)
2010; HANE NO KI / Paris (with guitar by Nicolas Moulin)
2010; MI-HITOTSU / Tokyo ( with wind instrument by Antoine Letellier and poem by Andre Sarfati, Mariette Barret )
2011; Vers l'Autre Monde... / Paris, Kyoto
2011; Sea of the memory / Shizuoka Japan, Paris (with Kazuya Nagaya)

2011-2013; Thousand drops, thousand flowers / Japan, France, Brazil, Poland                                                                

words for 1st solo album " eau nouvelle " 

François-Xavier HUBERT

With this record, Hiroko Komiya unveils an entire secret world made of a myriad of sounds that keep answering one another with utter delicacy. Through her gestures, she gives a new life to the objects that surround her while inscribing them into the fabric of a very personal narrative. 
What strikes us when we listen to this music is how it is able to express so many things  only through sound. However, Hiroko doesn't just invent a new language ; with her, every sound, slowly, patiently, becomes an evocation of life. 
Because poetry is what we're dealing with here – but here is a poetry of gestures which, through its unique expressiveness, speaks directly to our hearts, giving new life to our every breath, a new sense of strength to our every move. 

Avec ce disque, Hiroko Komiya nous dévoile tout un monde secret, traversé  de mille sons qui se répondent délicatement les uns aux autres. Par ses gestes, elle redonne vie aux objets qui l'entourent, les inscrivant au coeur d'une récit extrêmement personnel. 
Ce qui est bouleversant lorsqu'on écoute cette musique, c'est cette capacité  qu'elle a à exprimer tellement de choses, rien qu'avec des sons. Néanmoins, Hiroko ne se contente pas d'inventer un nouveau langage; avec elle, chaque son, lentement, patiemment, se transforme en évocation de la vie. 
Car il s'agit bien là, avant tout, de poésie – mais d'une poésie du geste qui, de par ses qualités expressives proprement inouïes, s'adresse directement à notre coeur, redonnant un nouveau souffle à chacune de nos respirations, une nouvelle force à notre fragilité.





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