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--NEWS ----
Since 2011 March, we have started Blog page to report our activity
with recent photos, etc.
Please go to this link. Thanks!!



                                                                                                                                                                              Report until  27  Nov 2008  

inen sometime Diary  -report & impressions-   

This is  jinen sometime Diary.  Our news, experience, impressions of recent activity, dance and music life.
It will be in English and some Japanese,  will be up dated step by step...                

June 21, 2008
Portes Ouvertes "Le Vent se Lève" - Open door of  " the wind rises"  in Paris -
The man with black inc and long pole brush was standing by the wall.  
The man with black long hair was lying on the huge white paper in silence. 
When the wind rises, both of men starts each story.
The inc brush was flying like a bird through black rain. The body was swiming like a fish on the white sea. 
Hearing the sound of little insects and sea shells, they encounter, react, chase each other,
and go back to each world again.  
Two little world melt into a huge painting in the end and the painting itself got moving and got alive.
Thank you very much for  "Le Vent se
Lève", nice confortable art space, for giving this poetic moment
with our good friend painter Ludovic de Valon. Thanks for Ludovic ! 

  ph by Georges Karam

June , 2008

STONE solo performance and improvisation at 3,000 yrs old cedar tree in Beirut /Lebanon  
We arrived Beirut in the moment of big changement of situation. Citizen were blessing after peace talks
and relieved. We performed solo butoh "STONE" which danced the memory of the Stone, to connect to
the history of the land. As we use local stone at each place for this piece, we went for look stones in the city just
after we arrived airport. And found the stone at the border point of past east and west Beirut, guessing most 
highest tension in those days. Atsushi danced the memory of that stone, and Hiroko also played the sound
of stone from the land. The movement and the sound was making dialogue. 
The last day of our stay, we visited the reserved forest of cedars.  Atsushi danced for 3,000 yrs old cedar tree
in the forest.  The tree was breathing with swinging branches and leaves, and we just felt we wanted to stay
just sitting and looking the tree for long long time...   

  ph by GlobeJINEN

June 24 , 2008
the meeting of a form and inner movement, collaboration with Sonia Biacchi at Candiani in Venice-
It was a beautiful experience to create  "Il corpo dentro" performance with Sonia, costume designer and the director
of  c.t.r. (centro teatrale di ricerca Venezia). The meeting with her costume inspired Atsushi very much.
And the both of them were as if they were giving life each other and interact each moments in the performance.  
Sonia Biacchi, her work has been affected by  master of Bauhaus Oscar Schlemmer.  At the same time, her design reminds us often Japanese  scenery.  We hope to keep on this collaboration for future.

link to c.t.r >> www.ctrteatro.com


ph by Akiko Miyake

23rd Sep,2007
A performance journey across a landscape resonating with history and memory shaped by over five thousand years of human occupation.

ph by Raysto

"Enclosure" project with British artist Red Earth at prehistoric site,  Hambledon hill in Dorset (UK). It was 1km square large, over five thousands years of memory, one of eight National Nature Reserves in UK.  It was on the autumn equinox day, heavy shower changed into deep mist just before starting dance.  Among the fire installation and mist,  Atsushifelt that day was a ritual of meeting with ancestor.

Red Earth link                          >>>     http://www.redearth.co.uk/
gallery for Enclosure perf  >>>    

Enclosure project by Red Earth at Hambledon Hill
photo by Tony Gill

29th Aug, 2007
natureside workshop in Greece -
In the Sifnos island, we made natureside camping workshop. Just five days before,  the first forest fire was happened in Peroponnese, and whole forest and mountains were extensively damaged and dessapeared. 
It was really big, sad and painful accident and left people deep shock.  We all changed 
work site into
another island since we had planned workshop at the just fired area. We started workshop 
with requiem dance with participants in the village.  And also we danced deeply for the connection
between human and nature during workshop.We deeply send sympathy and a prayer for the stricken area 
and people.   

3rd-20th Aug,2007
eX..it 2007, butoh and contemporary dance meeting -

at Schloss Brollin, north from Berlin. It was the 4th International dance exchange project, including dance workshop, creation, site specific presentation and meeting. Eight Japanese choreographersand about 60 participants from over the world joined.  Atsushi choreographed 15 dancers grouppiece "Memory of cemetery" with contemporary dance choreographer Yui Kawaguchi (Berlin/Japan) at the location under the bigold oak tree in front of the church. 
Fire circle, butoh procession, voice, dance the memory of life, and it linked into improvisaiton in five meter- long aquarium, and on the old dead tree.
Atsushi says it was very inspiring work to collaborate with Yui to create dance piece andshare the dance experience and moments with participants. 


                                                                                                                                                                                             ph by Karsten Muhlhaus

@ @ @
ph by  Karsten Muhlhaus,  jinenco,  Y.K.       

July, 2007
"Ridden by Nature" filming in Alaska and Hawaii -

This summer, we joined in the environmental dance art film "Ridden by Nature" (by Kiahkeya,
directed by Kathi Von Koerber / Germany, South Africa), which will be shown in 2009. Film
location was held in Alaska and Hawaii big island, with dancing on the ice glacier, iceberg,
in the smoke from volcano, on the black silver lava, waterfalls, etc....
We have met and experienced by body incredible nature landscape and strong life force of
nature, icefall and eruption, intense transformation ... it was a crying voice of the earth and
it gave us precious teaching.

Film "Ridden by Nature"  directed by Kathi von Koerber >>> http://riddenbynature.com/      ( see project page )
This feature length Improvisational Butoh dance film was shot in environmentally endangered parts of the planet.


                                                      Atsushi dance on the ice glacier in Alaska 2007 photo by K.V.Koerber              
                                                       for the film "Ridden by Nature" by Kiahkeya





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