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Atsushi Takenouchi & Hiroko Komiya




The theme for this Butoh workshop project is to dance the Yin Yang; to express the various souls that live in the vast cycle of JINEN - the cycle of day and night, life and death. In this workshop, we will focus especially on embracing the souls that were excluded or pushed away by the society or suffered from mental and physical disturbances, and get into them and dance them. Through dancing these souls, we encounter the darkness within ourselves and we keep dancing until we liberate them from the concept of darkness, perceive them as a real effusion of the life and change them into light. While creating the final solo presentation, Takenouchi will give participants advice in which physical and spiritual conditions they should face Butoh and how to turn the movement sleeping within them into techniques.


The aim of this workshop is to give concrete expression to the final solo presentation (performance) so as to encounter butoh acting directly on the stage. During this 1 week, the participants will learn to elaborate their own inner movements in a concrete manner, to express them while inhabiting the space of the stage, and to create connections with the music and lighting. Being in charge of the whole creative process will require great emotional intensity.  

This workshop project is intended primarily for experienced people who are trying to work deeply  into yourself on the stage.  The training consists in transforming yourself into all kinds of people and lives, and dance them from birth to death. To put it paradoxically, whatever the people and lives may be, the dancers will have to reveal and will discover their own true themselves.

The daily schedule includes 2 and half hour of basic butoh practice followed by 5 hours of working on the creation. All the different dance movements and concrete images of transformations will be delved into as deeply as time permits; they will shape the final presentation.


1. movement which comes from inside

  Make movement from the abstract like wind, water and fire. Make movement from the reaction of your body to your breath, coldness, the heat. And sketch the material things and change into movement. Make movement from basic body movement in daily life. And find out your own each inside movement from these.

 * lie down, move, sit down, stand up, walk

 - Breath, roll over, crawl, sit down, stand, walking in the various situation with restriction, walking by transferring your weight.

 * a gas, a liquid, a solid

 - Wind, a cloud, water, fire, wave, gel, gelatin, paper, feathers, metal, stone,

 * creature, plants

 - Amoeba, insects, the reptiles, the Mammalian (four legs, birds)grass, flower, trees


2 . change the experience of body into dance

   Construct the movement into dance.

  * conscious and unconscious movement

   -dream, baby, crazy man, potential movement, passive movement, daily movement, movement in style.

   * emotion and control

   -various feelings, strength and depth of emotion,

   -hold and open these emotion

   * growing and aging of human being

   - from birth to death, baby pose and old man pose, change various pose into movement

   * body and various sound

   - find out how the experienced movement reacts to the sound and how to develop the possibilities  


3. oneself and others

   The movement from inside and outside, passive and active, resistance and resonance between individuals.

   * make others several movement into dance

   - repeating improvisation with several theme like wind and a cloud, fire and water, rolling and walking

   * various sound and group dance

   - adding the material's sound and instruments sound into the improvisation with some theme, experience the happening which occurs from the group dance



    Creating the workshop performance

    Make sure the main element in the performance

    *  check the experimental scene

    - Repeating the experimental scene with sound, find out the point and construction of dance

    *  select the experimental scene

    - select the main scene and put it in the line of performance

    *  create the each scene of performance

    - change accidental movement from improvisation into inevitable movement,

    - repeating the movement with concerning the construction and meaning

    * complete each scene of the performance

    - check the detailed part with clear direction, and check the balance between movement and sound



    Sharing the space with audience,

    * exercise each part of performance

    - make sure whole line of performance with its intention

    * exercise whole performance

    - check the construction, rhythm and balance and volume of the performance with its intention

    *  rehearsal, lighting , the balance of sound

    - check the lighting and sound, replacing the dancers, changing the costume

    * meeting after presentation

    meeting, discussion, criticize,




7 days, 22.05-28.05.2012

8 hours per day 




- There is an experience of Butoh dance or other physical activities such as dance and / or theater,
- Participation throughout the project workshop.
Please bring your own costumes / outfits. Any colors, corresponding to the personality,Inside, the soul, you'll want to express. Acceptable is the style of western, eastern, classical,contemporary. Desirable are any extremes that most fully present the transformation or processing stage. Allowed: dresses, gaudy and extravagant costumes (depending on the idea of solo presentation).

The workshop will be held in ENGLISH - POLISH.

800 PLN - 200 EURO
Price does not include the cost of accommodation, food,  transport.

The amount should be transferred to the account of the Foundation Made in Art,
Bank Ochrony ?rodowiska,

no. IBAN - PL 22 1540 1056 2105 8300 0924 0001, SWIFT - EBOSPLPW

with a note in the title transfer: "WORKSHOP Jinen Butoh", name of participant).
Advance - 800 PLN or 200 euro should be sent with an application form.

The application form please send to: 
For more information: 
fundacja@madeinart.pl / +48 504 260 863






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