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Connection between JINEN BUTOH and
body and yourself

with Atsushi Takenouchi August 1 - 7, 2012
All life is born of this earth. And originally human danced on the ground of this
earth.It is important to fi nd out and to be conscious of our body as a part of
this huge circulation. Everything is JINEN.

Kientalerhof is located in beautiful nature, and it’s a place for learning physical method or creative course and meditation.
Residency will be in the accomodation and also camping is available. Please contact to below.  

This time we will work on our body movement
to recognize the connection between nature/
environment and yourself through Atsushi
Takenouchi’s JINEN Butoh training. And he
will guide us how to create dance from this
awareness, and it enables us to know that we
can change all the environment into dance.
During this term, we will explore body gravity,
movement and balance, imaging body, transformation
by internal and external state, visible
and invisible, various walking, conscious and
unconscious movement, a dialogue between
body and an environment, with basic Butoh
practice. Meeting with the nature, we experience
the connection between your body and
nature, and also experience the environment as
a part of your body. We discover how the body
movement arises and becomes dance.
There will be morning classes, afternoon
classes and improvisational dance in nature
and in the studio. The classes will be with live
music made by Hiroko Komiya. Atsushi will lead
our work into the creation of each participant’s
short solo/duo piece. On the last day, there will
be the participants’ presentation in nature or
specific outside location.

Food and Lodging (Special full pension price, including outdoor food for certain days)
*all currency is CHF (swiss money)
Single in double room w. Shower/WC CHF760. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF1180.
Single w. S/WC CHF700. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF1120.
Single in double room, shower on floor CHF640. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF1060.
Single, shower on floor CHF580. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF1000.
Double w. S/WC CHF550. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF970.
Double, shower on floor CHF460. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF880.
3-Bed w. S/WC CHF520. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF940.
3-Bed, shower on floor CHF350. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF770.
4-Bed, shower on floor CHF290. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF710.
5-Bed, shower on floor CHF240. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF660.
Tent CHF200. Total: (Course, food, lodging) CHF620.
Tuition: CHF 420.

Atsushi Takenouchi: Joined butoh dance company
"Hoppo-Butoh-ha" in Hokkaido. Atsushi
has started his own "Jinen Butoh" since 1986
and created solo works "Itteki", "Ginkan" as
a universal expression of nature, earth, and
ancient times and impressions of the moment,
meeting with people and environment. He
made 3 year “JINEN” tour project throughout
Japan for 600 sitespecific improvisations
(1996-1999). Since 2002, he has been mainly
based in Europe, working on butoh dance
collaboration project with dancers and actors
in France, Poland, U.S.A and other countries.
Joining in festival such as Avignon festival,
Paris Butoh festival, NY Butoh festival, he has
been presenting his solo piece. At the same
time, he also collaborates with film. The recent
work in Alaska and Hawaii, “Ridden by nature”
environmental art film will be completed soon.

Inscription and Information:http://www.kientalerhof.ch

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address : Griesalpstrasse 44
CH-3723 Kiental, Schweiz, Switzerland


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