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2016Atsushi Takenouchi residency
 6days JINEN Butoh workshop

in nature of the Pyrenees ( South France )

                                             ***English text below

Le Butoh n’est pas une technique, c’est un désapprentissage,
c’est être vivant dans l’instant, du ressenti au mouvement,
parce que dans l’instant tout est inclu.
Je sens le soleil sur mon visage, le vent sur ma peau,
et mes atomes se souviennent de la fusion au coeur des étoiles,
de leur voyage dans le vent.
Je sens la fleur sous mon pied, le lézard qui me regarde,
et mes cellules se souviennent.
Du danseur au dansé, du personel à l’universel,
de l’instant à l’éternité

                                                                   ***English text below                           
Butoh is not a technique, it's an unlearning,
it's to be alive in the moment, from feeling to movement,
because in the moment everything is included .
 I feel the sun on my face , the wind on my skin,
and my atoms remember the fusion inside stars ,
 their journey in the wind.
 I feel the flower under my foot , lizard looking at me ,
and my cells remember .
From the dancer to the danced, from personal to universal, from the moment to the eternity

April 25 to may 1st 2016
the  Residency JINEN Butoh workshop in nature of the Pyrenees
with Atsushi TAKENOUCHI

It take place one hour from Toulouse. You can arrive the day before and I come to take you in a train station.
We'll dance, eat and sleep in gite with a large and lightfull practice room, and different kind of nature feeling around.
Residency in Pyrenees , dance in nature fields full 6days. We dance most of time outside in fields,
with stones, trees, greens, wind, sunrise, stars...
if the weather is good, one day inside a cave or river under the mountain.
Warming up and rainy day will be in the studio.

There is each day between 8 and 9 hours of practice,
in the morning we start by 2H30 of basics: warming up physical and energetic by movement, intention and voice,
Some day we'll be all the day in the nature,
We'll dance with different element: stones, trees, sun, rain (if it's rain!), fire, stars…
There is two night sessions,
We'll practice different kind of walking,
and the last day is non stop improvisation day, each participant can make a solo or duo in the place he choose.

Residency place below>>>

-This is 6 days full, from monday 10h30 am to sunday 10h am.

-We sleep in dormitory or camping.

-There is a cooker which will prepare lunch and dinner with organic and fresh product, we'll do washing dishes together.


The full price is 580 € including teaching, food and accomodation.

You can have 40€ discount if you register before march 31th, because it's really helpfull for organisation,

and 30€ discount more if you prefer camping.

To book, please send me email at nicotrace@gmail.com ,
and 120€ deposit to: Nicolas RAYNAUD   
Montaut 31310 Montbrun-Bocage


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