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O n l i n e -  JINEN Butoh workshop


22, 23, 24 May 2020   ( Fri, Sat, Sun )

12:00-15:00 and 19:00-22:00 (Italian time)
* one day 2 sessions are same content.
* You can join eventhough if you didn't take the last session Life of Flower 1.
* During online workshop, If you can connect your computer to other speaker, you can listen live sound better!


                                                                                                                                                                                                      2016 Elba island IMG2462 ph.Hiroko Komiya         

    Intense light and shadow, Creation and destruction.
The state of life seeking to keep shining. 

- Life of Flower -
Flower is most important element of JINEN Butoh.

Flower open life. Flower is soft body revolution. 
Flower is love.
Now we stay inside, we need to feel seed of life.  To open to universe with passing through darkness to blightness, passing through life and death. 
Flower always circulate life. Flower continue opening .

online workshop
JINEN Butoh Atsushi Takenouchi 

live music by Hiroko Komiya

<Schedule>   * One day 2 sessions are same content.

12:00-15:00 ( Italian time )
1st session/
May 22, 2020 / 12:00 - 15:00  /  class in English  and Japanese
2nd session/ May23, 2020 / 12:00 -15:00  /  class in English and Japanese
3rd session / May24, 2020/  12:00 -15:00 /   class in English and Japanese

19:00-22:00  ( Italian time) 
1st session /   May 22, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 /  class in English
2nd session / May 23, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 / class in English
3rd session /  May 24, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 / class in English

* 3 hours each class for 3 days.
* Atsushi develop class in this 3days(3hours x 3days), but it's also possible to participate even partially, even 1 session.
* 12:00-15:00 class and 19:00-22:00 class are same content, since we want to open this  workshop for all continent participants in different time zone.
* This workshop is open to all people who wants to join JINEN Butoh online.
* You can join eventhough if you didn't take the last session Life of Flower 1.

Register ;  please go to link for register with Zoom.

1st session/ May 22, 2020 / 12:00 - 15:00  (Italian time)
2nd session/ May23, 2020 / 12:00 -15:00  (Italian time)
3rd session / May24, 2020/  12:00 -15:00
  (Italian time)

1st session /   May 22, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 (Italian time)
2nd session / May 23, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 (Italian time)
3rd session /  May 24, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00 (Italian time)

*From the link, choose the day and register. Also possible to choose and combinate different time sessions according to your availability on each day.
*You will receive a confirmation email with meeting information of Zoom.
*We appreciate you for not sharing the links for security and privacy purposes.


-We ask you to enter 10-20 minutes before the class starts.
- In case you cannot join,please cancel your registration.
-Wear comfortable clothes, choose a space where you can move freely.
-Please check your microphone MUTE, your video ON.
-Please click on the SPEAKER VIEW to see Atsushi guiding in the big screen.
-For attending workshop, please take care your own body and health, be responsible for your own safety.
*During online workshop, If you can connect your computer to other speaker, you can listen live sound better!

Donation concept;
At this hard moment all over the world, we all artists activity face to the difficult situation. I also had cancel and postpone of all workshop and performance this moment. I was thinking what I can do and what I should do.
Firstly I did a call "Let's dance every day with prayer" on internet, uploading practice movies.
And now, I decided to start online JINEN Butoh workshop with sharing real time with you.
I have been continuing JINEN Butoh  40 years and  I really wish to keep on  teaching and  dancing  for next Butoh generation, young dancers, performers who is interested in Butoh, and all field's young artists and audience.
Your donation will be contributed to maintain JINEN Butoh course and summer winter JINEN Butoh school. We really appreciate to receive your contribution.

Depending on your financial capacity,
you can donate your own possible amount. (we suggest 10 euros per 1 session/3hours)
If  you have financial difficulty, no necessary, please join with your passion. And PLEASE share this online workshop info to your around friends. That is  great contribution for us too.
I believe people need place and time now to know, feel, re-discover ourself and the world through own body, through Butoh.
We appreciate to share this moments with you.

By secure Paypal >> 

Bank transfer >> *PLEASE ADD description "BUTOH ONLINE" with this transfer!

Youtube channel ;
I uploaded several JINEN Butoh basic practice on JINEN Butoh Atsushi Video channel. You can watch and use for your daily warming up if you like :-) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69yXBbtb0izHNJF2oS7PEA

For any question;
please send us email with title "online JINEN Butoh" and your name.
email;  jinenco@gmail.com

**Big appreciation for SpazioNU for this setting up online Butoh course.**

We are  looking forward to seeing you  and sharing Butoh with real time together!
Arigatou. Thank you very much.
Atsushi and Hiroko

“Dance is devotion to life.” 
I learned this while travelling nature fields called JINEN. This has never changed since old times and will never change. This means I should dance to “my life,” to the moment, and to now, which lasts forever.
I got my body from the earth. I got my life from the sun and the moon, my parents, my friends and my love. So I’ll return the gifts to these universes. I’ll return them to others through a dancing body and soul. When I see a tiny flower selflessly, I meet a dance filled with the joy of “life.” And then, my body is filled up with the water of “life.” The seeds of memory inside me become a bud.
The sounds of wind are the whispering of the earth. The sound of minerals is the muttering of machines. We hear the sounds of the universe through explosion and noise and stillness.
Oh, thousands of sounds, take our souls far away to our unknown world. As we travel, remind us of forgotten dances. On the sun and the moon, there are young men singing eternal songs at every place in the world. Let’s begin an ancient and modern fete of “relics of life” holding artifice and nature-on earth.
-JINEN Butoh Atsushi Takenouchi



Atsushi Takenouchi

Joined butoh dance company „Hoppo-Butoh-ha“ in Hokkaido in 1980. His last performance with the company “Takazashiki”(1984) was worked on by butoh-founder Tatsumi Hijikata. Atsushi has started his own „Jinen Butoh“ since 1986 and created solo works „Itteki“, „Ginkan“ as a universal expression of nature, earth, and ancient times and impressions of the moment, meeting with people and environment. He made 3 year “JINEN” tour project throughout Japan for 600 site-specific mprovisations (1996-1999). During this time, he started to be inspired by a spirit of the universe of
Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. Since 2002, he has been mainly based in Europe, working on Butoh dance collaboration project with dancers and actors in Italy, France, Poland, Spain, U.S.A and other countries. Since 2014, has started long term residency JINEN Butoh school  in Pontedera city and countryside in Toscana.

ph by Tomohisa Saitoh

Hiroko Komiya (www.jinen-butoh.com/hiroko_profile_e.html)
Expresses the sound from the air, space, movements, inner body, memory and transforms into the sound without bound melody or rhythm. Plays object sounds; stone, water, sea shells, toys, daily life objects and percussion; metal bowls, bells and voice. Since 1999, she regularly accompanies Atsushi Takenouchi's Butoh performance and workshop as musician.  Apart from dance, she collaborates also with film, sculptor, painter, poet, story teller, costume designer, various artists for exhibition, installation, etc.

ph by Georges Karam


オンライン -  じねん舞踏講習会

  2020年5月22,23,24日 ( 金、土、日)

12:00-15:00 / 19:00-22:00 (イタリア時間)
* 一日2セッション同じ内容です。良い時間を選んで受講してください。
*前回のLife of Flower1セッションを受けてなくても参加できます!
じねん舞踏 竹之内淳志、 音楽 小宮広子

鮮烈な光と影 創造と破壊

- Life of Flower - 

イタリア時間 12:00-15:00  ⇒  日本時間夜 19:00-22:00
1st session/
5月22日 / 12:00 - 15:00  /  クラスの言語は英語、日本語
2nd session/ 5月23日 / 12:00 -15:00  /  クラスの言語は英語、日本語
3rd session / 5月24日 /  12:00 -15:00 /  

イタリア時間 19:00-22:00  ⇒ 日本時間 2:00-5:00 AM
1st session /   5月22日 /  19:00 - 22:00 /  英語のみ
2nd session / 5月23日 /  19:00 - 22:00 /  英語のみ
3rd session /  5月24日 /  19:00 - 22:00 /  英語のみ

*一日3時間 3日間コース
*前回のLife of Flower1セッションを受けてなくても参加できます!

申込み登録 register ;受講にはオンラインミーティングアプリZOOMが必要です。事前にダウンロードして、下記のリンクよりZoomに参加登録してください。

1st session/ May 22, 2020 / 12:00 - 15:00 (イタリア時間) 英語&日本語
2nd session/ May23, 2020 / 12:00 -15:00 (イタリア時間) 英語&日本語
3rd session / May24, 2020/  12:00 -15:00 (イタリア時間) 英語&日本語

1st session /   May22, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00(イタリア時間)英語
2nd session / May 23, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00(イタリア時間)英語
3rd session /  May 24, 2020 /  19:00 - 22:00(イタリア時間)英語


画面はSPEAKER VIEWをクリックし、竹之内ガイディングが画面上大きく映るよう確認。

世界中のこの危機的状況において、大変多くのアーティストが困難な局面に差し当たっています。私も現在すべてのワークショップと公演をキャンセル延期せざ るをえなくなりました。この今、自分に何ができるのか、また何をするべきなのかを考えて、まずはすぐに”毎朝祈りとともに踊ろう”をネット上にてメッセー ジと稽古動画をあげてきました。
40年舞踏をつづけてきて、次の舞踏の世代、若いダンサーや身体表現者や、舞踏に興味のある、すべてのジャンルの若いアーティスト、そしてオーディエンスのために 私は舞踏を踊り続け、また教え続けていきたいと切に願っています。

皆さんの経済状況にあわせて下記のゆうちょ銀行か、ペイパル、もしくは銀行送金にてドネーション下さい。 (1セッション/3時間の1クラスを10ユーロ目安とさせていただいてますが、可能な範囲で金額ご自由にお決めください。)


Paypalペイパルリンク >>  事前にペイパルへのご登録が必要です。

Bank transfer 海外銀行送金>> 日本在住の方は送金手数料がかかるため、
*銀行送金の場合メモとして "BUTOH ONLINE" といれて手続きしてください。

稽古動画配信Youtube channel ;
じねん舞踏の基本稽古動画になります。毎日のウォーミングアップや稽古に(英語)。 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69yXBbtb0izHNJF2oS7PEA

ご質問は件名に"オンラインじねん舞踏"と、あなたのお名前をいれてメールください。 email;   jinenco@gmail.com


協力; SpazioNU ダンススクール

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