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 I thank all the people and nature I have met in my life. This book was created by all this encounter.
The long-awaited e-Book is published (The printed books were sold out)
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Listening to the Universe, the Earth, to ourselves.
We, all the beings of this planet, are born of this earth, then return to it, enriching it with the memory of our lives.    Atsushi

e-Book official  published: March 2023
hardcover book published: November 2021
Book size: B5
Total:   348 pages
e-book price: 49.90 PLN(around 10 EUR)
Language: English Polish Complete translation

First chapter- Atsushi's life story, the meeting with Butoh and his performance
Second chapter- JINEN Butoh workshop practice and Atsushi's words


Author :  Atsushi Takenouchi, Alan Frank
Polish translation from English:  Jarosław Kupść
Editing of the English version:  Jarosław Kupść
Japanese translation of Atsushi's introduction:  Aleksandra Piwek
Front cover photo:  Tomohisa Saito
Back cover photo:  Hiroko Komiya
Publisher:  Fundacja Pompka
Co-publisher:  National Institute of Music and Dance (as part of the "Publishing Program 2021")

Photos:  65 photos by 24 photographer
Agata Wawryszczuk
Akiko Miyake
Alain Herzog
Andrzej Majos
Brenda Molgado
Chihaya Tanaka
Gabriela Rosa da Silva
Georges Karam
Hariko Ubukata
Hiroko Komiya
Jordi Lagoutte
Kathi von Koerber
Kohji Fukunaga
Krzysztof Fabiański
Maciej Rusinek
Makoto Sahara
Noriko Yamamoto(Saitou)
Paolo Porto
Pascale Azelvandre
Piotr Nykowski
Richard Greene
Shingo Wakagi
Tomohisa Saito
Yayoi Ogata

We are happy to announce the new publication: „Atsushi Takenouchi Jinen Butoh”.
This book is an effect of long lasting conversations between Atsushi Takenouchi and Alan Frank, who summarized them into the text you’ll be able to read soon.

The story behind this book is not free of bumps and dificulties. Just like the life of the artist to whom it is dedicated. This book is not as much about Atsushi, as it is Atsushi himself who lays bare his entire being as honestly as his performances do. It is an authentic record of his life, as well as a testament to many friendships that help to overcome life’s obstacles and test the very essence of humanity. This book is also an expression of gratitude from those who were meant to encounter Atsushi Takenouchi on their path.

We follow Atsushi’s personal life – meeting his family and friends, and entering the world of Butoh of the 1980s. This colorful narrative engages us immediately. We encounter an environment full of interesting characters and legendary figures that have imprinted subtle marks on the soul of this young man and confirmed the right choice of his direction in life.

What is Jinen Butoh? Find out for yourself!

Deep appreciation from Atsushi Takenouchi
This book is the result of Jinen Butoh. With my profound gratitude, I am returning it to all the people I have met and to Jinen – all beings of this Univers.
I would like to thank to Hiroko, with whom I live, for lifelong devotion and collaboration.
I was relying on Alan’s help – I am deeply grateful for the many years of our collaboration on this book as co-author.
My deepest heartfelt gratitude goes to publisher Anita, who supported me as if I were family.
I would like to express my appreciation for everything I have experienced so far.  

The book was published together with The National Institute of Music and Dance within “Publishing programme 2021” project.

Copyright © for Polish edition and translation 2021 Fundacja Pompka



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